Full Service Management

For the owner who rents residential and/or commercial property on a long-term basis. Also ideal for co-operative housing and smaller condominiums. 

We offer financial management – including collection of rent and security deposits, bill payments and payments for repairs and maintenance – and generate monthly statements that track everything that has transpired financially.

We oversee leasing, conduct regular in-depth inspections, handle  emergencies and provide  yearly maintenance assessments. 

We arrange a variety of outside services, such as garden care, window washing, eaves trough cleaning, and snow removal; and we oversee all work done on your property.

Our in-house renovation/maintenance team is ready and able to manage all repairs quickly, efficiently and expertly.

Flexible and affordable packages - we are on-call so you don't have to be. 

Please contact us for a comprehensive list of this service.


While You’re Away

For the property owner who wants peace of mind knowing their property is well taken care of while they are on holiday or away for any length of time. 

Your property is inspected on a weekly basis – inside and out. Repairs are handled by our in-house maintenance team, and we are on call for alarm response or any other emergency.

We provide an extensive list of Seasonal Services – we can put your outdoor furniture away, close up the hot tub, prepare your sprinkler system for winter and arrange for snow removal – then prepare everything for your return, including cleaning your home and stocking your fridge. 

Tailored to suit your needs – and affordable management  - we care for your home as if it were our own.

Please contact us for a complete list of our services.

Vacation Property Management

For owners who rent vacation properties on a seasonal basis
in the Collingwood, Creemore and Wasaga Beach area.

We inspect your property to be sure it’s in tip-top shape and ready for guests. We are on call for emergencies or any challenge that may arise. We inspect the property upon guest departure, report and repair any damage and arrange to have the property thoroughly cleaned and ready for the next guest.

Our Management Packages are affordable and tailored to your needs. We provide an extensive list of Seasonal Services (Winter and Spring) that we will arrange - from snow removal to window cleaning to garden care – anything that protects the value of your property and the comfort of your guests.

From start to finish – from initial inspection to the final
clean – peace of mind for you and your guests. 

Please contact us for a full description of this service.